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Inconsistent Officiating and Favouritism

Let's face it, Barcelona have what is definitely the greatest team in football history, they have quality players capable I'm various positions capable of creating moments of magic and if you


Short Term Memory

As a writer, one often spends a lot of time reading posts, articles and other forms of write ups that sparks one's interest and I'm no different. My life imposed sabbatical from blogging took me on a literary journey through various media and news outlets that all seem to suffer from a similar and rather curious case of amnesia.
If one(and by one, I mean you reading this) chronologically follow the tails of talksport etc, you'll notice their consistency in being inconsistent in all their articles, one day they're heralding you as the greatest thing since the moon landing and the next, you're simply shit. I don't quite get how it works but it's effect on the fans(the readers) is immense, thereby leading to calls for someone's head or this player being dropped etc. I'll never understand this sequence of writing but I suspect it's the only way for these guys to feel relevant. Instead of investigating and writing the truth, we'll just make up reality.



Three years ago, the late Stephen Keshi led the super eagles to glory at the CAF championship held in South Africa and many expected that to be the start of a new dawn in Nigerian soccer, too long had we been made to seat at the corner while "inferior" sides dominated the continent, this feat was suppose to usher in a new phase in Nigerian football but what came after was cataclysm in it's purest form. We went through numerous managerial changes in which two of them died and one gloriously fell out with the Nigerian FA, our best striker prematurely retired from the National team, and worst of all, we  missed out on a world cup and Afcon finals. We found ourselves at the wrong end of the fifa rankings by 2015, The Giants of Africa were rated as the

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